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October 2013 Archives

Doctor accused of having caused woman's death through negligence

When a patient here in Connecticut is under the care of a doctor, they expect that the doctor will act in a proper manner in relation to their care. When doctors act negligently towards patients, the results can be disastrous. The result of such negligence can sometimes even be a fatality.

Verdict reached in case involving allegations of failure to refer

Knowing when to ask for help can be a very important thing. It can particularly be important in the medical field. When a Connecticut medical professional fails to refer a patient to a specialist in a situation in which they should have, the patient can suffer substantial harm. For example, such negligence can result in a condition a patient has not being diagnosed and treated as soon as it should have been. One hopes that, when a doctor commits negligence regarding referrals or other medical negligence, the doctor is held responsible for the impacts of the negligence.

Lawsuit: doctor acted negligently during surgery on child

One type of surgical procedure that doctors here in Connecticut sometimes perform on patients is a surgery to remove a previously installed medical device. It is incredibly important for doctors to not act negligently during medical device removal surgeries. Negligence during such surgeries can lead to harmful surgical errors, such as the accidental cutting/perforating of an organ or the leaving behind of pieces of a medical device inside of the patient.

Woman claims injection-related negligence caused permanent pain

Sometimes, patients of medical centers here in Connecticut are given medications by the centers. The ways in which medications are administered can vary quite a bit. Some medications are administered through a pill. Others are administered through an injection.

Left-behind object lawsuit brought against doctor

One thing that no person here in Connecticut should have to experience is having something inside of their body that isn't supposed to be there. Unfortunately, this is one of the things that individuals can be subjected to when medical professionals act negligently in relation to a surgery. Surgical negligence sometimes results in surgical objects being left inside of patients. In addition to the significant psychological distress having a surgical object left inside of one's body can cause a person, left-behind surgical objects can also lead to an individual suffering physical harm, such as great pain.

Woman claims that, despite allergy, doctor exposed her to latex

One hopes that all doctors that practice here in Connecticut make sure to act properly towards their patients. This includes taking all proper steps, such as carefully checking a patient's medical history prior to giving them a medication or conducting a surgical procedure on them, to ensure that patients are not exposed to a medication or a surgical material that they are allergic to. Negligent exposure to a medication or surgical material that one is allergic to can harm a patient in significant ways.

Jury rules against hospital in birth injury case

Delivery-related care is one of the types of care that hospitals typically provide. It is very important for all hospitals here in Connecticut to not commit negligence when providing such care. When a hospital and its staff act negligently in relation to a delivery, it can lead to birth injuries occurring.

Jury reaches verdict in fatal overdose case

One thing that most people here in Connecticut have encountered at one point or another is unclear handwriting. When one thinks of the effects of unclear handwriting, one probably thinks of minor inconveniences. One probably doesn't think of serious injury or death. However, these things can be the effects of unclear handwriting when it occurs in the context of the writing of prescriptions. This is because unclear handwriting on prescriptions can sometimes lead to medication errors. No patient should have to be subjected to a medication error because a medical professional failed to exercise proper care when writing a prescription. Thus, one hopes that medical professionals make sure to write in a clear manner when it comes to prescriptions.

Health care should take a page out of airline manual, says doc

When pilots make a mistake or there is a problem with procedure, it is the lives of the passengers that are at stake. In order to facilitate as much error-reporting as possible, whether it is due to process or pilot, the airline industry doesn’t focus on punitive measures. Taking away the fear of backlash and retribution allows the industry as a whole to see the bigger problems.


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