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March 2011 Archives

Woman alleges negligence led to unnecessary removal of thyroid

It can be very harmful when a doctor negligently diagnoses a patient with a medical condition that he or she doesn't actually have. For example, such an incorrect diagnosis could lead to a patient undergoing a surgery or procedure that he or she doesn't need.

Husband claims medical negligence led to wife's death

When a person is suffering from a medical condition, prompt treatment can be very important. Thus, it is important for doctors to promptly diagnose conditions that their patients suffer from, so that correct treatments can be identified and administered in a timely fashion. If doctors fail to do this, it could have very negative effects on their patients. This can be seen in the allegations that have been brought in a recent medical malpractice case.

Malpractice Case Highlights Expert Testimony Disclosure in Connecticut

When it comes to arguing and proving medical malpractice claims at trial, providing strong expert testimony to support these cases is crucial. The Supreme Court of Connecticut recently decided a case, Klein v. Norwalk, which highlights this important tactic, as well as the standard for disclosing what points an expert will make during testimony. Although this case had a long and difficult journey through multiple Connecticut courts, and continues to make waves, the Connecticut Supreme Court made Klein v. Norwalk a noteworthy opinion.

Connecticut hospital tests iPad initiative

The quality of communication between doctors and their patients can be very important. Failures in this communication could result in doctors not having all the information they need to provide their patients with quality care. This could potentially lead to medical errors, which can have many negative impacts on patients.

Man claims medical negligence caused paraplegia

It is very important for doctors to properly treat the medical conditions their patients suffer from. When doctors negligently fail to do this, it can cause severe harm to their patients' health. This harm can have major effects on a patient's life. Recently, in Minnesota, a man has claimed that negligent medical care he received resulted in him becoming a paraplegic.

Center accused of negligence in connection to dialysis treatment

It is very important for doctors and clinics to provide patients with quality care when administering medical treatments. This includes making sure to properly examine patients prior to administering treatments. It also includes adequately monitoring patients during treatments. Recently, a Virginia clinic has been accused of committing medical negligence in connection to treatment it provided to a patient.

$2.5 million in damages because of failure to diagnose cancer

Back in 2004, a police officer who was suffering from rectal bleeding and some other gastric problems went to see his doctor. The doctor treated him for some other complaints and sent him home. He never ordered any tests for colorectal cancer, even though the officer had symptoms that indicated the possible presence of cancer.

Family to bring lawsuit against hospital for medication error

When a person who is admitted to a hospital is prescribed a medication, it is very important that the medication is properly administered. If a doctor or nurse makes an error in a medication's administration, it can result in a patient suffering a harmful overdose. Reportedly, a wrongful death lawsuit is being filed in Massachusetts today regarding a medication error.

FDA claims drug could lead to birth defects

It is important for doctors to exercise an appropriate amount of care when prescribing medications to women who are of a child-bearing age. This is because some medications can have impacts on a fetus during the early stages of a pregnancy when a woman might not even be aware that she is pregnant. These impacts can include birth defects. This can be seen in a warning that was recently issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Does diabetes test have accuracy issues when used on children?

When a child is suffering from a condition and goes to a doctor, it is important that the doctor properly diagnoses this condition. The accuracy of a diagnosis can be affected by which diagnostic tests a doctor decides to use. Recently, a study has questioned whether a certain type of diabetes test is effective in detecting diabetes in children.


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